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Peruvian Vintage Bangles



 Handmade Bracelets of genuine Aguayo and Alpaca Silver. Wear them with your wool sweaters and stack them together. The sterling silver magnetic clasp will prevent them from rolling at the back of your wrist when stacking a few together. Colorful and chic in the summer for that Boho gypsy look with jeans and white lace.  The bangles  are flexible and will adjust effortlessly to your wrist.

 The Peruvian craftsmen carefully worked each piece with care and affection. Aguayo cloth embossed edging and front part is traditional fabric designs of Andean People (Inca Culture) in Bolivia, Ecuador Peru Chile and Argentina - South America. An aguayo is a rectangular piece of cloth used in traditional communities in the  The aguayo is most associated with Quechua and Aymara ( Aymara people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) culture but is not exclusive to them. Aguayos typically features colorful stripes interrelated with rhombuses and other figures with symbolic values. Quechua and Aymara women often use them to carry children and take products to the market. The Aguayo is a native textile made by native indigenous women, it is difficult to create and done using primitive methods. These native Aguayos are done using alpaca, sheep or llama wool, which are colored using natural coloring with bright colors. Each of these Aguayos tell the story of a community or includes symbols which are original to their culture using colors, techniques and designs which make each community different from the others.

The  bangle embelishement is a vintage rhinestone was sourced in Eastern Europe circa 1940. The bangle is adjustable to the wrist and has sterling silber magnetic clasps. One of a kind.  Only 1 available like the photo.  For more,  see Jewelry - Bracelets - Aguayo Vintage Bohemia Bangles - JOELLE STORE